'The Meaning of Life'


Human beings are meaning making machines. We give meaning to our experiences, our stories, our ups and downs, our twists and turns, our interactions and life events. I am a reflective thinker, curious to de-code and re-wire my internal perceptions and the stories that are deeply embedded in these frames.


I am fascinated by qualities in others that inform and reveal inner-strength. My own path has lead me to meet amazing individuals who have gifted me with their wisdom and sincerity. They say, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. They are my unforgettable teachers.


Writing is a creative process. When I write I articulate my thoughts in a previously undiscovered way. It's not my intention to give advice or to instil my perceptions onto others, but rather to spark new thoughts and healthy perspective where it's ready to be ignited.

This blog is about exploring ideas, concepts and a-ha's as life unfolds. Take small steps or big leaps or simply witness your inner development. Positively disrupt what no longer serves you and lean in to your potential, your I AM-ness. Good questions can seed the right kind of movement. Therefore, I will often prompt you with a question to entice your heart and your spirit.